Serious relationships for
VNU and foreigners

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“If you want fun, date a young man, if you want happy, marry an older man” - my mom.
Phuong, 19

I want a maturity love, and I believe the older man would bring that happiness to my life
Nhi, 23

My grandma always said: “Get an older man to take care of you, young man can’t do it for long term”
Kate, 22


"I want simple, but serious love."

Mint, Hanoi


Vietnamese women were born and taught to be beautiful not only outside but deeply inside their souls.


If you are looking for a traditional wife, you are definitely looking for one of Vietnamese women. They are raised to be kind, dedicated, caring and loving woman. They keep the beauty of tradition.  They highly value the love and family.


The women in Vietnam are loyal. Love them with your heart, you will own their hearts.