How do I add a photo to my profile?

Uploading profiles is an important way to make your profile stand out from all of the others. Having a clear photo of your face without any hats or glasses will help other people see your true beauty and will help you find true love. If you don't upload any photos, then users might think you are a bad person trying to be secretive.

You can upload as many photos as you want to your profile by pressing on 'Me' in the bottom main menu bar, then clicking on your profile image. You can select which image you want as your primary image by choosing the image in the carousel and selecting 'Set as primary image'.

Is messaging really free?

Free! We think finding love should be free, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find your match. As a free user, you can send AND receive messages from any other person.

We offer AvoVietnam Gold if you want to find a match faster, because we automatically recommend our Gold profiles above everyone else. AvoVietnam Gold member's messages appear at the very top of the other user's inboxes.

How do I report a profile?

It is very important that everyone feel safe and happy on AvoVietnam. If a user is not being kind, please tell us about it and we will investigate removing their profile from the app. We use machine learning techniques to detect and remove fraudulent profiles before they are even registered on AvoVietnam. If you find a user that is not treating you well, please please please let us know by reporting the profile

Profiles can be reported by clicking on 'Block and report' at the very bottom of the view profile screen. We will be notified about the report and we will take time to investigate all problems. Once a profile is blocked, you cannot unblock them, so be careful who you block!

How do I send photos in the chat?

When you open a chat with one of our AvoVietnam Gold members, everyone in the chat can send messages. If you want to receive private photo messages, upgrade to AvoVietnam Gold.

I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

Forgetting your password can be so frustrating. Shoot us an email at [email protected] with your account's email address and we will get your sorted out.

What is AvoVietnam Gold?

People that want to have deeper conversations and more matches should consider getting AvoVietnam Gold. AvoVietnam Gold lets you:

- Receive and send private photos in chat

- Bumps your profile to the very top of the list once per day

- All of your messages appear at the very top of the chat list

- View read receipts to know if they read your messages

How can I know if I am talking to a good person?

Run very far away if they ask you for money. Oh and report their profile so we can remove them from AvoVietnam. You should spend time to talk and get to know about them. Ask them questions about their family or what they are looking for in a man. Read Bí Quyết Hẹn Hò Trực Tuyến An Toàn

Why should I date a Vietnamese girl?

Vietnamese women are very famous for being kind and loyal. They want to help their husbands by taking care of the home and family.

We talk more about this on our blog post Why date a Vietnamese woman?