Get A Vietnamese Girlfriend: Top 5 Dating Apps

By: Theo An Le 02/02/2019

Hey, what’s up? Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming soon and you haven’t achieved your 1st 2019’s resolution of being not single? Girls have gone to their hometowns during the Tet holiday but they will have free time on their phones.

For the uninformed, the Tet holiday celebrates the lunar new year and is basically equivalent to Western Christmas. Everyone takes a week off from work, school, and everything to spend time with their families in their hometowns, but sometimes family can be boring and controlling. Many girls escape from the drama by jumping on dating apps or searching for a foreign boyfriend to impress their family.

Time to jump on this opportunity by trying out new dating apps.

Check out 5 top dating apps:

1. AvoVietnam

If you are into Asian girls, especially Vietnamese girls and want to build the long term relationship with them, check out this app. It is free to chat with no advertisements so don’t worry about spending money. The app with the mission of helping Vietnamese women find their love with foreigners so they are all serious. If you are in Vietnam, go get matches with the girls, talk, meet and find out your girl for this Valentine’s Day. If you are not in Vietnam, you got somebody to talk during the Valentine’s Day, but only this year. Next years, your Valentine won’t be alone. The app is free now.

2. Vietnam Cupid

Vietnam Cupid is a big dating site to date a Vietnamese girl. In order to chat with the other users, you will need to pay a monthly fee. It is not a free to chat app. If you own the android phone, go get in the Playstore. If you own an iOS one, probably use your browser or be with your laptop. Vietnam Cupid is not free. You have to pay to talk to people. But if you are serious to find your girl, does it matter?

3. Tinder

Tinder is great for people looking to hook up with people nearby. If you aren’t looking for a one night stand or want to have a long distance relationship, Tinder is not a good choice. Many girls try to use Tinder to just make friends or to learn English, but they always end up disappointed. If you only want to hook up, best choice. If you still believe in luck, go get it yourself.

4. Badoo

Badoo is basically Tinder, but with no limits on swiping. It should be considered as one of the 4th dating apps the girls would find when they want to do online dating. But with the experience of hookups, the girls are telling each other not to find serious men here.

5. Bumble

Bumble is considered one of the top dating apps in Vietnam even though you may get more matches on the other apps. If you are in love with the yellow color and the clean design, you may get Bumble, but just a warning, you may see the blank page if you keep swiping left.

So here you got the top 5 best dating apps with Vietnamese. I wish you luck with finding your girl. Don’t be single in this Valentine’s Day. Otherwise, Netflix should be always a good choice.

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