Why do girls pay for a fake boyfriend?

By: Chris Hems 03/02/2019

Lucky money envelop Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Every year in Vietnam (and most of Asia) there is a celebration much like western culture’s Christmas and New years called Tet or Lunar New Year. During this time, the Vietnamese close down their shops and reunited with their families for the late night Karaoke, big family hot pots, and, of course, family gossip.

In Vietnamese culture, there is a lot of gift-giving, especially to children in the form of lucky money and red envelopes. These red envelops contain small amounts of money and is given to children to celebrate the new year. The American $2 bill is commonly inside these red envelopes because Vietnamese people think the number 2 is a lucky number. Businesses even give out these envelopes to customers for future discounts on their products.

When a Vietnamese woman brings a foreigner home to their family for Tet, the family feels she is very lucky. If the girl is from a small town, the family will take the foreign boyfriend and introduce them to literally everyone in the village. It feels like you are in a small parade lol. You will meet the girl’s entire family, her school teachers, her neighbors, her nail technician, literally everyone in the town.

Many girls pay for a fake boyfriend to show their family

Having a fake foreign boyfriend is extremely desired in Vietnam because it makes a girl’s family proud. Around Tet, I see many Vietnamese girls on Facebook and dating apps searching for a rent-a-boyfriend, a foreign man to show to their family so their family will be proud of their daughter.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, this can’t be real.” But no, it definitely is.

But why do girls pay for a fake boyfriend?

In Vietnam, the family is extremely important and they want to look the very best to their family. Girls know that if they bring home a foreign boyfriend, the family will be very proud of her and give her more money and gifts. Typically the girl will share the rewards with her rent-a-boyfriend. I have heard some men earning up to $500 USD to accompany a girl to her family home.

Stay weird Vietnam.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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