8 Tips on dating a Vietnamese woman

By: Chris Hems 17/01/2019

I have been living in Vietnam for 5 years and have dated Vietnamese girls from all over the country. I have seen it all from going on dates with the girls that speak no English and to the girls asking me to marry them on our first date.

Once you win a Vietnamese girl’s heart, amazing experiences happen. They will travel with you as you explore Vietnam and show you things no other tourist gets to see. I was taken on a private family fishing trip up the Mekong river to catch and then eat fish. Her Grandmother cooked the best Banh Mi.

If you have not cleared why you should date a Vietnamese girl, check out my 8 reason why date a Vietnamese woman.

Excited? Let me show you how to win a Vietnamese girl’s heart:

  1. Many Vietnamese women love sex, maybe even more than you. But in Vietnam, they cannot show it or they will be shamed by their friends and family. Be discreet and don’t be affectionate in public. Talk with her privately in your room and see what happens.

  2. Be honest. Every single Viet girl wants to have a serious relationship. However, she really doesn’t want to hear about your past girlfriends. Don’t show off your past relationships, you will lose interest.

  3. Dress up tidily. Guys don’t need to try too hard to look outstanding, but you should dress appropriately, clean and add a characteristic scent. If you’re want a trendy place to shop that isn’t H&M, check out The New Playground.

  4. Be a good man that respects women. In Vietnam, 50% of Vietnamese women are victims of domestic violence[a][b]. Talk with her about how important women are in your family or tell her stories of times that you took care of a girl that needed help.

  5. Be a romantic gentleman, seriously. You should give her flowers and presents on special occasions. Vietnam has many holidays celebrating such as Women’s day 8/3, 20/10, Valentine 14/2.

  6. She wants you to choose where to go on the date. You need to lead her during the dating process, but stay smart (remember tip 1). My typical date is to start with a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop. If things go well, go back to your room for more privacy.

  7. She wants you to respect her parents and siblings. Family is very important to Vietnamese women. Girls love hearing about how you treat your family well, because they can relate to that. Vietnamese girls feel obligated to support their parents once the girl is finished with school.

  8. Viet girls are very gentle, quite shy, cute, fragile and kind.

We just hope that you will respect and sincerely love them. Wish you and her a lovely dating.

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